peña flamenca de londres

about the peña

St Aloysius Social Club The Peña Flamenca de Londres is a flamenco club run like a traditional Spanish peña flamenca. We were set up in 1984 and are now bigger than ever with nearly 400 members. We provide a convivial meeting place for anyone interested in flamenco singing, dancing and guitar. We stage monthly shows, usually by professional artists. Active participation by members at all levels is also encouraged. At our Members' Nights anyone can get up and perform, accompanied by a professional singer and a guitarist. We also hold flamenco workshops for members to ask questions and learn from the experience of others. Our flamenco guitar courses are very popular and will hopefully continue annually.- see courses section.

Tapas! The peña is proud to present the best flamenco in Britain. Resident UK artists who are regulars at the peña include dancers such as Felipe de Algeciras, Carmela Romero, Juanita Jimenez, Anita la Maltesa, Maribel la Manchega, Talia Cohen and Nicolia Morris (who went on to join Israel Galván's dance company in Seville). Regular guitarists include Angus Cruickshank, Mario Basilisco, Ramón Ruíz, Ángel, Chris Mullet, Tito Heredia and Tony el Despeinao. Our singers include Jasmin Villalobos, Manuel de Cádiz, Fernando Reyes, Olayo Jimenez and Modesto Rodriguez. Our charity gala nights have raised many thousands of pounds for charity. We are totally self-sufficient: we don’t depend on public grants and we organise all our events with volunteers.

And we promote visiting artists from Spain. Memorable artists from Spain who have appeared at the peña have included the singer Miguel Poveda the La Unión prize winner who performed with his guitarist Chicuelo. Dancers who have performed at the peña include Ángela Granados, El Titi, David Romero and Juan Polvillo - also well known flamenco groups such as Duende de Jerez, featuring the dancer Ana María Blanco and Leo Molina's Grupo Maya de Granada.

olives Star performers this season have included the whirlwind gypsy dancer Jairo Barrull, and singer Laura Román. We can truthfully say that we are the only organisation that would have attempted to bring a singer of the calibre of Laura Román without support.