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peña flamenca de londres

Alma Flamenca at Heaven We are Britain's biggest flamenco club - based in London.
Peña Flamenca de Londres has been in existence since 1984.
We present regular shows on the second Sunday of each month (except August).
Members and non-members are equally welcome at all our shows.

Honorary Presidents:
Paco Peña and Maribel la Manchega.


Next Show at the Peña: Cádiz, de ida y vuelta

Jaleo Sunday September 14 2014
Palos del flamenco from Cádiz, such as alegrías, tanguillos, tangos de Cádiz, plus music from Cuba, Colombia and Argentina put into flamenco style like guajiras, colombianas, milongas and tango argentino, finishing with rumba from Cuba and fin de fiesta.


Location of the Peña

Church Hall of Holy Apostles The Church Hall of Holy Apostles, Cumberland Street, SW1V  4LY. It is advertised as the best-appointed Church Hall in London and has everything we could want. A stage so that all can see that all-important footwork, dressing room for the artists, a gallery for those bigger shows….

We finish about 9.30 to help those travelling long distances to get home.

Church Hall of Holy Apostles Getting there. If using a map, the church hall is not in the same road as the church…

Flamenco News

Summer 2014
New issue of Flamenco News is on sale at El Mundo Flamenco, Duke Street, London, price £3. Or at peñas or through info@flamenco-london.org.uk. It is posted free to members.



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